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Texture Recognition using Robust Markovian Features

Conference Paper (international conference)

Vácha Pavel, Haindl Michal

serial: Computational Intelligence for Multimedia Understanding, p. 126-137

action: MUSCLE, (Pisa, IT, 13.12.2011-15.12.2011)

project(s): 1M0572, GA MŠk, 387/2010, CESNET, GAP103/11/0335, GA ČR, GA102/08/0593, GA ČR

keywords: texture recognition, illumination invariance, Markov random fields, Bidirectional Texture Function, textural databases

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abstract (eng):

We provide a thorough experimental evaluation of several state-of-the-art textural features on four representative and extensive image data/-bases. Each of the experimental textural databases ALOT, Bonn BTF, UEA Uncalibrated, and KTH-TIPS2 aims at specific part of realistic acquisition conditions of surface materials represented as multispectral textures. The extensive experimental evaluation proves the outstanding reliable and robust performance of efficient Markovian textural features analytically derived from a wide-sense Markov random field causal model. These features systematically outperform leading Gabor, Opponent Gabor, LBP, and LBP-HF alternatives. Moreover, they even allow successful recognition of arbitrary illuminated samples using a single training image per material. Our features are successfully applied also for the recent most advanced textural representation in the form of 7-dimensional Bidirectional Texture Function (BTF).