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Information analysis of multiple classifier fusion

Conference Paper (international conference)

Grim Jiří, Kittler J., Pudil Pavel, Somol Petr

serial: Multiple Classifier Systems, p. 168-177 , Eds: Kittler J., Roli F.

publisher: Springer, (Berlin 2001)


action: Multiple Classifier Systems. MCS 2001, (Cambridge, GB, 02.07.2001-04.07.2001)

research: AV0Z1075907

project(s): GA402/01/0981, GA ČR, KSK1019101, GA AV ČR

keywords: pattern recognition, finite mixtures, multiple solutions

abstract (eng):

We consider a general scheme of parallel classifier combinations in the framework of statistical pattern recognition. Each statistical classifier defines a set of output variables in terms of a posteriori probabilities, i.e. it is used as a feature extractor. The output vectors of classifiers are combined in parallel. The statistical Shannon information is used as a criterion to compare different combining schemes. By means of relatively simple arguments we derive a hierarchy between different methods.

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