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Conference Paper (international conference)

A discrete mixtures colour texture model

Grim Jiří, Haindl Michal

: Texture 2002. The 2nd International Workshop on Texture Analysis and Synthesis, p. 59-62 , Eds: Chantler M.

: HeriotWatt University, (Glasgow 2002)

: Textures 2002, (Copenhagen, DK, 01.06.2002)

: CEZ:AV0Z1075907

: IST-2001-34744, Commission EC, GA102/00/0030, GA ČR, KSK1019101, GA AV ČR

: multispectral texture synthesis, discrete distribution mixtures, EM algorithm

(eng): A novel method of texture modelling based on discrete distribution mixtures is discussed. The statistical properties of textures are modelled by a discrete distribution mixture of product components. A natural colour texture is spectrally factorized and discrete mixtures models are learned and used to synthesize single orthogonal monospectral components.

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