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Conference Paper (Czech conference)

Dynamic Texture Modelling and Editing Using Temporal Mixing Coefficients Reduction

Havlíček Michal

: Doktorandské dny, p. 7-16 , Eds: Ambrož P., Masáková Z.

: Doktorandské dny 2014, (Praha, CZ, 14.11.2014)

: GA14-02652S, GA ČR, GA14-10911S, GA ČR

: dynamic texture, texture analysis, data compression


(eng): Real world materials often change their appearance over time. If these variations are spatially and temporally homogeneous then the visual appearance can be represented by a dynamic texture which is a natural extension of classic texture concept including the time as an extra dimension. In this article we present possible way to handle multispectral dynamic textures based on a combination of input data eigen analysis and subsequent processing of temporal mixing coefficients. The proposed method exhibits overall good performance, offers extremely fast synthesis which is not restricted in temporal dimension and simultaneously enables to compress significantly the original data and additionally perform texture editing.

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