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Dynamic Texture Editing

Conference Paper (international conference)

Richtr Radek, Haindl Michal

serial: Proceedings of the 31st Spring Conference on Computer Graphics, p. 133-140 , Eds: Jorge Joaquim , Santos Luis Paulo, Durikovic Roman

action: 31st Spring Conference on Computer Graphics, (Smolenice, SK, 22.04.2015-24.04.2015)

project(s): GA14-10911S, GA ČR

keywords: computer graphics, dynamic texture, dynamic texture editing, dynamic texture modeling, image generation, patch-based texture synthesi

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abstract (eng):

A fast simple method for dynamic textures enlargement and editing is presented. The resulting edited dynamic texture is a mixture of several color dynamic textures that realistically matches the given color textures appearance and respects their original optical flows. The method simultaneously allows to spatially and temporarily enlarge the original dynamic textures to fill any required four dimensional dynamic texture space. The method is based on a generalization of the prominent static double toroid-shaped texture modeling roller method to the dynamic texture domain. The presented method keeps the original static texture roller principle of separated analysis and synthesis parts of the algorithm.