Publications - Václav Remeš

Books and chapters (1)

1. Michal Haindl, Václav Remeš: Digital Mammogram Enhancement. Mammography Techniques and Review, 63-78. InTech Education and Publishing, Zagreb 2015.   Download

Journal articles (3)

1. Michal Haindl, Václav Remeš: Pseudocolor enhancement of mammogram texture abnormalities. Machine Vision and Applications 30:4 (2019), 785-794.   Download
2. Václav Remeš, Michal Haindl: Bark recognition using novel rotationally invariant multispectral textural features. Pattern Recognition Letters 125:1 (2019), 612-617. Elsevier.   Download
3. Václav Remeš, Michal Haindl: Region of Interest Contrast Measures. Kybernetika 54:5 (2018), 978-990. Ústav teorie informace a automatizace AV ČR, v. v. i..   Download

Conference papers (6)

1. Václav Remeš, Michal Haindl: Rotationally Invariant Bark Recognition. Structural, Syntactic, and Statistical Pattern Recognition : Joint IAPR International Workshop, S+SSPR 2018, 22-31. Springer Nature Switzerland AG, Cham 2018.   Download
2. Václav Remeš, Michal Haindl: Classification of breast density in X-ray mammography. 2015 International Workshop on Computational Intelligence for Multimedia Understanding, 1-5. IEEE, New York, NY, 2015.   Download
3. Michal Haindl, Václav Remeš, Vojtěch Havlíček: BTF Potts compound texture model. Measuring, Modeling, and Reproducing Material Appearance 2015. SPIE-IS&T, Bellingham 2015.   Download
4. Michal Haindl, Václav Remeš: Adaptive Model-Based Mammogram Enhancement. Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Signal-Image Technology & Internet-Based Systems, SITIS 2014, 65-72. IEEE Computer Society CPS, Los Alamitos, USA 2014.   Download
5. Michal Haindl, Václav Remeš: Efficient Textural Model-Based Mammogram Enhancement. 2013 IEEE 26th International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems (CBMS), 522-523. IEEE, Piscataway 2013.   Download
6. Michal Haindl, Václav Remeš, Vojtěch Havlíček: Potts Compound Markovian Texture Model. Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR2012), 29-32. IEEE Press, Piscataway 2012.   Download