3D Model of Dragon

The 3D model of a dragon measured using laser range scanner.

Measurement Method

The 3D model of a dragon was measured using laser range scanner Konica-Minolta Vivid 9i (device specifications).
During the measurement a MIDDLE lenses were used and all data filters were disabled.
The model is result of merging and tringulation of :

  • 12 scans on rotary table (rotation step 15 degrees)
  • 3 additional scans of the upper part of the object
  • 2 additional scans of the bottom part of the object

Object Images

3D Triangulated Data

    The measured data are raw only merged and triangulated without any further postprocessing and filling of holes. The are two versions available. The original fine resolution (~600 000 faces) and the dowsampled version (~300 000 faces).
3D Data Download as
Fine (info) WRL (MTL) OBJ 3DS STL
Downsampled (info) WRL (MTL) OBJ 3DS STL

Final Smoothed Version after Holes Filling

    3D model was resampled and smoothed to filter vertex noise caused by scans registration. Holes in the model were filled and redundant overlapping scans removed. Model contains 240057 vertices and 480076 faces.

Final 3D model WRL OBJ

3D Point-Cloud Data

    The colour point-cloud data for individual unregistered rotary table scans will appear soon....

(c) UTIA, Institute of Information Theory and Automation, AS CR
Prague, December 2006, Contact: J. Filip, R. Holub
Free for non-commercial use.