Colour Dynamic Textures Synthesis

Fast Synthesis of Dynamic Colour Textures

   Jiří Filip    Michal Haindl    Dmitry Chetverikov

Textural appearance of many real word materials is not static but shows progress in time. If such a progress is spatially and temporally homogeneous these materials can be represented by means of dynamic texture (DT). DT modelling is a challenging problem which can add new quality into computer graphics applications. We propose a novel hybrid method for colour DTs modelling. The method is based on eigen-analysis of DT images and subsequent preprocessing and modelling of temporal interpolation eigen-coefficients using a causal auto-regressive model. The proposed method shows good performance for most of tested DTs, which depends mainly on properties of the original sequence. Moreover, this method compresses significantly the original data and enables extremely fast synthesis of artificial sequence, which can be easily performed by the means of contemporary graphics hardware.
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