Virtual Reality

   Michal Haindl    Pavel Slavik    Stepan Kment    Ondrej Novak    Tomas Zalusky    Vaclav Blazek    Zdenek Pichlik
The project studied techniques for automatic acquisition of complex virtual reality models from real image data (range and colour) together with virtual space navigation problems (for some of these techniques see corresponding specialized demonstrations). The results are demonstrated on the model of the Department of Modern Art of the National Gallery. This collection of images, drawings and statues from the period of 20th century is located in a functionalistic building in Prague. However due to the request of the National Gallery most of the exhibited art items are removed from this demonstration.


National Gallery

Modern Art Department


    MPEG video demonstration.


Haindl, M., Š. Kment, and P. Slavík, "Virtual information systems", Proceedings of the 8th International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Interactive Digital Media '2000, Plzeň, University of West Bohemia, pp. 22-27, February, 2000.